Checkweigher and X-ray Inspection a Space Saving Unit


The SC-W series is an impressive merging of innovative X-ray technology and WIPOTEC-OCS's proven checkweigher technology. The SC-W “weigh and ray" X-ray inspection system verifies that products in the accepted goods stream are checked not only for impurities, but also undergo a high-precision weight control check. Units with an incorrect weight are ejected into a separate container, while an additional reject bin is used for faulty products due to foreign body contamination.

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Single and dual-track SC-W machine configurations are available in curtain or curtain-free X-ray inspection system designs. The curtain-free variant provides high throughput rates of up to 300 pieces per minute per track, which is even possible for very lightweight product units.

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Key Features

  • X-ray inspection systems and checkweigher in one unit
  • Flexible component design
  • Available as single or dual-track system

Your Benefits

  • X-ray inspection system and checkweigher for maximum product safety
  • Easy to operate central user interface

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Further Information on the Topic of X-ray Inspection

Quality assurance of frozen tarte flambée using dynamic checking and x-ray inspection systems

Flamm Top is France’s largest producer of frozen tarte flambée. The manufacturer relies on a series of WIPOTEC-OCS networked checkweighers and X-ray inspection systems; that communicate across all sites via a web-based Quality Data Management software platform. This combination of inspection machine hardware and network software ensures maximum quality of Flamm Top’s finished products.

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