X-ray Inspection Systems and Vision Inspection Solutions foster Product Safety

The quality of industrially manufactured products must have the highest priority in all production processes. The delivery of defective products could lead to devastating consequences. Product recalls or customer injury claims are extremely expensive and damaging to your company brand. To avoid such repercussions we have developed a comprehensive X-ray inspection systems portfolio that delivers maximizes product safety and packaging integrity. Each WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray inspection system comes with built-in intelligent software to maximize your product inspection capabilities. X-ray inspection systems options also include an integrated checkweigher and optical vision inspection section. The WIPOTEC line of X-ray inspection systems cover an extraordinary range of product and package inspection applications.

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Advantages of our state of the art X-ray inspection system portfolio:

  • Modularity enables fast development and integration of solutions
  • Standard portfolio from entry-level X-ray inspection system to premium combination units
  • High-resolution HD-TDI camera detector technology in compact designs
  • Intelligent software covering a wide range of applications 
  • Conformity with standards such as HACCP, BRC or IFS and others


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Brochure: X-ray inspection and vision inspection

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X-ray Inspection of natural products

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E-paper: Product inspection for confectionery

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E-paper: Product inspection for cheese

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Webinar on foreign body detection

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Modular design is the key to success

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E-Paper: The Detector Makes the Difference

7-year warranty on VioX camera*

This whitepaper explores both the "classic" diode detector and the HD-TDI camera technology VioX. The total cost of ownership plays a decisive role here.

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E-paper: The detector makes the difference

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Webinar on Foreign Body Detection with X-ray Inspection

Product quality and safety are of particular importance in the food industry, which is why X-ray inspection systems have become indispensable. Due to their various product inspection possibilities they guarantee complete and thorough control. Using different software tools to identify and eliminate foreign bodies and other imperfections, guarantees the high quality of the products.

In our 30-minute webinar you will learn about the structure, functionality and advantages of X-ray inspection systems. Our product inspection expert – Joachim Ott, will share with you what to consider when it comes to product testing.

Your entry into foreign body detection with X-ray inspection


Joachim Ott, Business Development Manager Product Inspection

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Unmatched Performance and Integrated Operability of Combination Solutions

Space-saving combination of X-ray inspection and weighing

SC-W is a standard-setting combination of X-ray inspection and checkweigher technology in a compact design. Both functions are integrated in a intuitive user interface familiar from the HC-A series. The combination machine with a maximum output of 300 packages per minute meets essential hygiene requirements and is also available as a multi-lane variant.

X-ray inspection system combination

Most compact inspection unit

The world's most compact inspection unit comprising X-ray inspection and vision is the SC-V. Both inspection units are operated from one HMI. Along with the classic X-ray application areas, the optical component permits the checking of the positioning and contents of codes and labels, or even covering film and packaging-specific verification.

Outstanding Inspection Technology for Best Possible Product Safety


Our modularity concept enables fast development and integration of X-ray inspection solutions. 

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X-ray inspection technology at a glance

X-ray inspection images of the highest quality form the basis for a successful search for foreign bodies. This aspect starts with the selection of the optimal X-ray source combined with the best sensor and outstanding image software processing software.

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Innovative Image Processing Software

WIPOTEC-OCS parent company Wipotec runs a large in-house software development. This allows us to build state-of-the-art image processing software, used in our X-ray inspection systems. Being fully independent to external software suppliers, we are capable of responding swiftly to your individual applications by developing a costumised solution for you.  

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