Are You Looking for a Fast Plug-and-Play Serialization Solution?
TQS FAST TRACK – Fully Automated Serialization Within 6 Weeks

To respond to the approaching DSCSA serialization deadline in the US and the EU FMD regulations, WIPOTEC-OCS launched a series of preconfigured TQS Fast Track products that enable you to be compliant within 6 weeks*.

Being a part of the TQS – Traceable Quality System by WIPOTEC-OCS, the products are fully automated and optionally provide additional checkweighing and tamper evidence functionality.

Why TQS:

  • Vast experience with over 3,000 successful Serialization & Aggregation installations worldwide
  • TQS Fast Track - the fast response to tight serialization deadlines, easy to implement and compact design
  • Premium engineering quality for highest performance – German designed, engineered and manufactured solutions supported everywhere by local WIPOTEC-OCS field offices and technical personnel
  • Complete serialization and aggregation solution meeting all global requirements and regulations, future proof and reliable
  • Open – standard interfaces to the leading level 3 suppliers
  • Modular, scalable and easy to implement into existing lines
  • Intuitive and easy to operate as with ConfigureFast
Serialization Pharma TQS-SP front view

Single Pack Serialization

Key Features


Serialization Pharma TQS-HC-A Tamper-Evident front view

Serialization | Tamper Evident | Weighing

Key Features

Serialization-Aggregation Pharma TQS-CP front view

Case Aggregation

Key Features

  • Aggregation of cases and pallets
  • Fastest configuration with ConfigureFast
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable product table height
  • High resolution camera for multicode-reading from above and fully integrated operator guidance
  • 15 inch touchscreen display with intuitive control menu
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA
  • Manual product feed by operator

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • High throughput rate of up to 600 pcs/min (300 pcs/min is standard)
  • Space-saving unit for quick integration and operational readiness helps achieve cost reductions

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • Compact, high-tech, multi-functional unit for optimal productivity
  • High throughput rate of up to 600 pcs/min (300 pcs/min is standard)

Your Benefits

  • 2-in-1 solution for aggregation of cases and pallets
  • Greater value from one machine for the aggregation of shipment cartons and pallets
  • Compact, high-tech, multi-functional unit for optimal productivity
  • Safe and reliable aggregation of every single product

* Period of six weeks commences with order acceptance and ends before FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) that is excluded from the six weeks

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