Serialization and Aggregation Applications for Product and Supply Chain Protection

Full-scale Serialization and Aggregation; i.e. Track and Trace, forms the basis for enhanced consumer protection from falsified or diverted products. The technology is giving manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors a systematic approach to detect counterfeiting and control product diversion. End-to-end Track and Trace enables knowledge about the physical location of a particular product within a supply chain at any point in time. It also allows recording of historical data about movement of a product, time spent at each stage, as well as packaging information. The technology is applied in different industries with the goal of brand and consumer protection from counterfeiting, as well as grey markets. Full Track and Trace involves the implementation of both serialization and aggregation solutions into packaging lines and corporate IT systems. 



Serialization and Aggregation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Track and Trace in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Healthcare companies leverage Serialization and Aggregation Pharma solutions to fulfil global compliance regulations and to protect patients from counterfeit drugs. WIPOTEC-OCS offers a broad portfolio of serialisation and aggregation solutions for nearly every application. Despite of the changing regulatory environment and different serialisation laws around the globe, TQS solutions are designed to fulfil the requirements of every market. Pharma companies in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia trust TQS technology. More than 3000 successful projects have been already implemented to support pharma manufacturers on their journey to compliance.

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Serialization and Batch Coding

Discover different types of applications for efficient TQS serialization solutions. Proceed to a broad spectrum of applications for any type of primary and secondary packaging including bottles, vials and folding boxes. Find the right application for your packaging line.


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Serialisation and Batch Coding

Aggregation in Pharma

Item and data aggregation helps to organise large amounts of data obtained from serialisation. It enables end-to-end traceability and reconstruction of the history of an item. Find out how aggregation solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS streamline data collection and management to improve your packaging and logistics processes. 


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Aggregation in Pharma

Serialization and Aggregation in the Cosmetic Industry

Track and Trace in the Cosmetic Industry

The problem of counterfeit cosmetics and product diversion make brand owners take a firm action to protect consumers and their brand name. Despite of various technologies on the market, serialization is one of the most effective ones. In the process of serialization, each individual product receives a unique serial number at the point of manufacture. This number allows for monitoring the product along the entire supply chain. Although cosmetics and make up packaging often has very limited space for serialization marking, the advanced technology of WIPOTEC-OCS can solve even this challenge. We realize that the design and look of cosmetic packaging is very important to marketing and branding needs of your product.

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Serialization and Aggregation in the Agrochemical Industry

Track and Trace in the Agrochemical Industry

Serialization and Aggregation; sometimes referred to as Track and Trace solutions, can be applied in the field of agrochemicals according to CRISTAL Guidelines with the goal of safeguarding legality and authenticity of agricultural pesticides retailed. Application of Track & Trace technology in the field of agrochemicals ensures product integrity, enhanced supply chain transparency as well as protection against grey market imports. Would you like to know more about application of WIPOTEC-OCS serialization solutions for your packaging needs? 


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