As a market-leader in the weighing and inspection sector, WIPOTEC develops highly innovative technologies that give the machine solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS a highly competitive market position.

EMFR Weigh Cells Provide Very Fast and Highly Precise Measuring Results

The crucial advantage of a Weigh Cell with Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) from WIPOTEC is its extremely short settling time. Compared with the weighing principle with strain gauges, EMFR provides precision weight information significantly faster. An EMFR weigh cell is straightforward to integrate, and its space-saving design makes the weigh cell a better fit in both new and existing systems. WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers with EMFR weigh deliver fast weighing results in the blink of an eye. Their measuring range is, depending on the series, from 1 microgram to 120 kilogram.

EMFR weigh cells enable lightning-fast weighing results

Principle of operation of EMFR

The basic principle of this weighing can be compared to a simple beam balance. The load to be determined acts on the end of one of the two lever arms. This causes the coil fastened to the opposite end to want to move out of the magnetic field.

An optical position detection system perceives any minimal deflection and signals it to a highly precise position regulator that adjusts the coil current so that the weighing beam remains in equilibrium. This current is measured using a measuring resistor and further processed in a microprocessor system for direct output as a digital weight.

Our weighing principle in moving images

AVC (Active Vibration Compensation): Greatest accuracy in challenging environments

EMFR Weigh Cells from WIPOTEC can be equipped with AVC technology, as required. 

AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) technology filters out all operational interference that could affect the measuring results, thereby enabling the use of the weighing system in locations that are not free from external sources of vibrations (for example, forklift traffic).

AVC compensates for disturbances from external vibrations

Conformity Marketing of automatic Checkweighers in compliance with MID

WIPOTEC-OCS is certified according to ISO 9001 and authorized to carry out a conformity evaluation according to module D of the 'Measuring Instruments Directive' (MID, 2014/32/EU).

This binding directive regulates and harmonizes across all EU member States, EFTA as well as Turkey, and provides the key requirements relating to measuring devices and their commissioning.

Compact Servo Drives from WIPOTEC Permit Significant Customer Advantages in WIPOTEC-OCS Inspection Solutions

The IMOT series of servo drives from WIPOTEC is a portfolio of high-performance servo drives produced and developed in-house. The highest quality requirements can be guaranteed by covering almost the entire value chain from software and hardware R&D, through in-house electronics production, to complete manufacturing. All IMOT drives operate using a dedicated firmware platform and in this way achieve high efficiency and reliability. The WIPOTEC IMOT drive design integrates the motor, power stage, regulation, and CAN fieldbus into an intelligent, compact design. The CAN fieldbus uses the CANopen communication profiles DS-301 and DSP-402 that have a high degree of interoperability and that meet the international standard IEC 61800-7.

The standard checkweigher has three drives, one each for the infeed, weighing, and outfeed drive belts. The IMOT series moves the package to be weighed at the correct speed, and transports it over a highly precise, EMFR technology weigh cell to produce the most accurate and repeatable, high-speed product weighing process available anywhere in the world.

Quiet running and perfect product handling with throughputs up to 650 pcs./min are only possible using stable-speed IMOT servo drives with above all a special highly selective fine balancing process and field-orientated regulation.

In addition, IMOT is overload-protected, also protected against reverse polarity up to 60 volts, and therefore not susceptible to damage in the event of incorrect operation or a connection error.

Along with the classic belt drive, downstream-motorized ejectors profit from the integral speed accuracy of the drives. The detailed regulation aspects described above are a prerequisite for other application areas for the IMOT compact servo drives such as demanding positioning tasks. These include, e.g. indexing and tilting belt drives or drives for linear axes.

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