Comscale4 - Product Optimization Through Effective Data Transmission

A main factor in increasing production efficiency is a regular and exact analysis of all available production data. This is especially true in large factories and multi-site operations that are dependent on a flexible, web-based quality data management system like Comscale4, the system provided by WIPOTEC-OCS.

The user-friendly software components from WIPOTEC-OCS, customized for your needs, connect any number of checkweighers and other inspection machines (x-ray scanner, metal detectors) to separate selectable sites. At any time, you can retrieve all available data, generate statistics, take important actions, and share data with partners throughout the enterprise. Comscale4 provides the ideal overview of your entire production in real time. Your quality assurance starts here!

Comscale4 - Basic Functions

Safety Loss-free data transfer in real time
Transparency Full data view from any site for all integrated machines and lines
Control Operate/parameter changes via PC and mobile phones
Review Data analysis, storage, and graphical evaluation for further higher-level use
Flexibility Integration of various inspection devices
(checkweighers, metal detectors, x-ray scanners, etc.)

Comscale4 - Quality Data Management for the Entire Company

Production Central production records and data collection, prepackage regulation documentation and online monitoring all linked to the production lines
QA Targeted analysis of QA features, random attribute and calibration check
Administration Tracking metrics and documentation of operating performance
Management Decisions of the highest priority

Comscale4: Powerful Web-Based Software for Perfect Quality and Production Control

DaMAS - Data Merger and Alibi Memory. For Measurable Success.

The DaMAS is a verifiable data memory which can collect individual pieces of data from various sources and can combine them in one joint data set, storing them reliably.

Data can be captured in the following fields of business:

  • Logistics, especially the CEP-area (courier, express and parcel), in mail order selling or in general intralogistics
  • Food industry
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry



Main features:

Collecting data from

  • various data sources of one single measuring object
  • various interfaces and combining them in one joint data set (merging function)

Collecting, merging and storing of data

  • Storing and archiving these data sets in a verifiable data memory (alibi memory function)
  • Transmitting of data sets to parent IT-systems which consequently can be exempt from compulsory verification.

Our DaMAS software can be configured with a standard web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer


Specific application of DaMAS with considerable cost-saving potential

In the individual infeed lines the barcodes are scanned and the weights determined. One single sorter can determine the dimensions of the transported objects (e.g. parcels).

DaMAS collects the data from the various sources (barcode scanners in the infeed lines, barcode scanner in the sorter, weighing systems in the infeed lines, volume determination in the sorter) of one measuring object and merges the individual pieces of data into one joint set.


  • Reduced number of hardware components
  • Central data storage
  • User interface via web server
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