Productivity Enhancing Weighing and Inspection Solutions for the Non-Food Sector

If you are facing the challenge of determining the exact weight of small, light objects such as coins or screws, WIPOTEC-OCS is the right partner for you. Our precise checkweighers determine the exact weight of even the smallest products to the milligram and automatically eject objects with the wrong weight. The industrial scales (catchweighers) determine and log the weight of a range of articles and provide data at lightning speed. These functions are performed at high throughput speeds and all our industrial scales are highly flexible and can be easily integrated into your production and packaging lines.

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  • Highly accurate weighing of even the smallest products
  • Highest throughputs thanks to multiple lane operation
  • Determination of smallest weight fluctuations
  • Easy and flexible integration into your lines

Checkweighers: Advanced Weighing Technology for Smallest Objects

Our checkweighers determine the weight value of your products in fractions of a second. During this process, completed packs can be weighed just as well as individual objects. The high-tech WIPOTEC weigh cells inside WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers measure the exact weight within a millisecond and provide a reliable set of data.

If the weight does not meet the requirements, the article is automatically rejected from the product flow and documented. Depending on your requirements, high belt speeds and throughputs of up to 650 pieces per minute can be achieved with constant accuracy of the measured results.

With particularly small objects, it is beneficial to weigh on several parallel lanes simultaneously; thanks to the compactness of the weigh cells the lanes can be arranged with minimal belt spacing. Multiple lane weighing permits low product spacing on your conveyor belts and ensures high throughputs in your production line, even with medium or lower belt speeds. The high measuring accuracy is supported by our proprietary Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) technology that filters out interfering vibration and shocks in the immediate area. Thanks to AVC results are correctly measured even in difficult environments.

Objects from the Non-Food Industry

Reliable product handling even with cylindrical objects

If you have to deal with small or cylindrical product shapes, the patented conveyor belts of our checkweighers and industrial scales (catchweighers) ensure transportation with very quiet running. These are matched to your requirements, For instance, top-bottom conveyors and lateral side grip conveyors ensure perfect product handling a prerequisite for the most accurate and fastest dynamic weighing. During the manufacturing of wine and sparkling wine corks, for a Spanish producer, the specific shaped conveyor belts ensure a stable product transport. The corks are separated and perfectly positioned for weighing in the concave-shaped conveyor belt so that they can be weighed precisely.

Thanks to our tailored solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS, we can meet even the most specific of requirements, for example, the weighing and classification of porous corks, impermeable to water, despite their density of less than 0.25 grams per cubic centimeter.

Time is money – checkweighers in coin weighing

WIPOTEC-OCS supports the manufacturing and inspection of freshly stamped coins. The weight of the coins is determined to the milligram within fractions of a second. To guarantee the value of the coins, according to regulations, the minimum weight must correspond with the nominal value. This is relevant to ‘normal’ coins as well as coins comprised of precious metals.

Furthermore, if the weight is exceeded, the profitability of the production process may be effected. At the same time, for the simple determination of the value of a large number of coins, each nominal has a defined weight that must be maintained in production. Due to the highly precise determination of the weight, coins with the wrong weight are ejected immediately and sorted for remelting. This application is typically supported by multiple lane operation allowing higher throughputs.

Checkweighers for completeness check on toys

Other applications for the usage of checkweighers are easy to implement. Renowned toy producers rely on our weighing technology to check the completeness of their toy kits. As each element has a specific weight, it is not only detected if the final package is incomplete.

Quality control in checkweighing start early. First, our high performance units inspect the weight of all product pieces to the milligram. Second, preceding the inspection of the final package, small pouches are dynamically weighed for completion checks. This precision ensure customer satisfaction and maximum efficiency.


Coins Non-Food

Exporting Precise Measured Results from Industrial Scales

If you do not require product inspection but rather to determine the weight of different objects for sorting, our catchweighers range is right for you

Catchweighers are also equipped with Wipotec weigh cells determining the weight of each individual product and documenting it in the shortest time. Thus chaotic product sequences can be placed in order. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the devices on the touchscreen and the uncomplicated export of the data via standard interfaces, all the data is quickly available and manageable.

The simple user interface has been integrated to minimize human error. All relevant production data is acquired and documented in full. As an option, Comscale4, our web based quality data management software networks your checkweighers and inspection machines across sites and makes all relevant production data available to you in real time.

You can access the data on every machine connected to your production line from your PC and even from mobile devices. The data is available for a quick check, as well as for extensive analysis and is easy to share with your partners and other departments. Therefore, with all the data available to you, the right decisions can be made quickly. Keep full control of your quality assurance, always!

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Flexible Weighing Systems for Your Needs

The flexible high-tech units are exactly adapted to the requirements of your production line and integrate smoothly and swiftly with their operating height, conveyor belt dimensions and speeds. Integrate the checkweighers and industrial scales (catchweighers) into your line as stand-alone machines or tailor made integration solutions. Changing production to new production parameters during operation is quick by making entries on the control panel or optional for checkweighers reading the correct barcode using the handscanner.

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