WIPOTEC-OCS Promotes Global Serialization Standards in China


WIPOTEC-OCS establishes its solutions for pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation in the Chinese market.

Adoption of serialization and traceability laws in many countries worldwide is a powerful approach to eliminating counterfeit drugs from the international markets. As a pioneer in the area of pharmaceutical serialization, Turkey has been monitoring the entire supply chain since 2010. Countries like China, South Korea, the US and the EU have also passed laws on drug serialization. Many other countries are currently planning to bring out their regulations as well.

Finding a solution to meet different legal requirements is a complex project. For example, China mandated in 2013 its own approach to the issuing of serial numbers and the technical implementation of national traceability legislation. The application of this concept is particularly difficult for international trading partners, as it differs fundamentally from all other global regulations and often leads to technical difficulties. 

Together with GS1, WIPOTEC-OCS promotes the adoption of GS1 2D codes and establishment of global serialization standards in China. Cooperating with a professor from the University of Shanghai, the WIPOTEC-OCS is working on the Pilot Free Trade Zone (PFTZ) project to create a demonstration and training showroom on the subject of harmonization of Chinese serialization guidelines. 

Due to the long-term cooperation with various global organizations and national associations, WIPOTEC-OCS was invited to an information session of the Chinese Ministry of Health in Beijing. A meeting of senior government representatives took place there on 13 December 2017. Together with colleagues from cooperating IT companies, WIPOTEC-OCS demonstrated there in front of the decision-makers in a government-related conference centre the complete end-to-end supply chain from the manufacturer to the pharmacist.

 "Partnering with GS1, an international organization that designs and implements global standards to improve value chains, is about making it easier for everyone in the supply chain, from manufacturers to pharmacies, to implement this complex issue," says Volker Ditscher. Business Manager Track & Trace. "On a global level, we have very close cooperation with international organizations, local associations and health authorities to provide them with our expertise and to learn about new pharmaceutical serialization legislations or adaptations at an early stage. In this way, companies around the world can be sure that investing in our future-oriented systems has a long-term success."

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