How can I implement Serialization & Aggregation or Track & Trace?


WIPOTEC-OCS provides training classes on serialization and aggregation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Serialization & Aggregatio or Track & Trace of prescription drugs is hear now. In pharmaceutical markets around the world there are diverse rules and regulations in place or about to be implemented that requires the continuous monitoring of the entire medication supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. 

Drug manufacturers who fail to act now, risk missing the train!

Act now, before it is too late. You can obtain the important information in training clases provided by WIPOTEC-OCS and our global partners.

In these seminars, you will learn all about the subject of serialization in the pharmaceutical industry. Our hands-on approach shows you how to properly plan your Track & Trace equipment needs and an implementation with us that meets your specific requirements. We will answer all your questions and develop a customized approach for you. Take advantage of the exceptional expertise of our field specialists in the areas ofcontinuous serialization and aggregation of prescription drugs. 

We appreciate your seminar registration and look forward to welcoming you on September 23-24, 2014.

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