Download this comprehensive serialization info-graphic


Download this comprehensive serialization info-graphic containing all the latest information on global regulations.

 This comprehensive info-graphic outlines the status of serialization laws and draft laws from 56 countries across all continents in a clear and compact overview. Keeping an eye on global serialization and aggregation regulations can be very challenging. In the present regulatory landscape, it is very easy to lose track of what serialization regulations apply in different countries. While some countries implement Global Standard One (GS1), others issue their country-specific regulations. For healthcare companies producing pharmaceuticals for export markets it is very important to monitor changes and emerging serialization and aggregation regulations worldwide. 

Take a closer look at:

  • Serialization, and aggregation or batch coding deadlines worldwide
  • Specific requirements on barcodes and application identifiers (AIs)

In addition to already existing laws, the infographic includes draft laws to keep you informed about the future developments.

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