Setting weighing and inspection standards in the food sector

Efficient dynamic weighing solutions play a vital role in the food industry, irrespective of whether the product is solid or liquid. Inspection systems do not only detect undesirable foreign bodies in your products but also missing items, check correct positioning either in a package or on the food itself. Any affected packs are separated from the product flow helping you achieve 100% product quality while meeting all relevant hygiene regulations. We offer highly efficient solutions that are tailored to meet your needs with a seamless and flexible integration into your production lines.

Find out more about the range of applications of WIPOTEC-OCS weighing and inspection technology in the food industry!

  • Modular design to cover a wide range of applications
  • High accuracy and throughput up to 650 pcs/min
  • Compliance with GMP guidelines
  • Easy integration of X-ray scanners or metal detectors
  • High-resolution product inspection

Our Checkweighers – Flexible, Fast, Flawless Precision


While inadequate product filling can result in costly recalls, sustained overfilling will be at your expense. Dynamic, highly precise checkweighers ensure that your product packages always contain the correct stated quantity. Our industrial scales determine the weight and automatically reject incorrect packages resulting in optimized production. For complete line optimization, our feedback control feature improves line efficiency.

Precise throughputs

Depending on the individual requirements, throughputs of up to 650 weighments per minute are possible with constant precision. We also provide multitrack solutions for small forms of packaging.

The biggest obstacle for exact dynamic weighing is vibration, for instance forklift truck traffic. Wipotec Weigh Cells, inside our checkweighers, can be equipped with Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) to provide reliable measured data, even in difficult environments and without any compromise on precision or speed.

Simple classification by weight

Various sorting devices such as nozzles, pushers or flippers carry out the classification of food with widely varying product shapes. Top-bottom conveyors, spiral screws or lateral side grip conveyors can be added to meet your specific requirements, ideally to transport cartons or to separate bottles.

Hygienic Design – more than a buzzword

It is understandable why hygiene requirements in the food industry are among the strictest, and are subject to continuous additions. We guarantee that our equipment complies with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Depending on which food you manufacture and where you sell, different hygiene requirements (IFS, HACCP or LMHV/FDA) apply. For this reason, our checkweighers and inspection solutions cover the relevant protection classes, from stainless steel IP65 for wet environments to the full wash down version IP69k. We meet the strictest cleaning criteria and the most stringent hygienic requirements of the food processing industry.

Renowned food producers, delicate product manufacturers and dairies trust the weighing and inspection solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS.

First-class Product Inspection for best consumer protection

Safe, flawless products – thanks to weighing and X-ray inspection

To ensure your food is safe and flawless, we offer a pioneering combination of innovative X-ray and checkweigher technology. The products are checked not only for impurities, but also undergo a high-precision weight control check. Units with an incorrect weight or impurities are ejected into a separate container. Besides their outstanding functionality, our machines can be operated via a user-friendly integrated HMI.

Metal detection: safeguard your food – and your Customers

Your checkweigher can be supplemented with a metal detector to prevent metal particle contamination. As with all combination machines, we offer significant advantages through the space saving compactness of the machine and the integrated software. Another important benefit is that both machines can be integrated into one HMI. Of course, the metal detectors are also available as stand-alone solutions. Packages with incorrect weight can also be differentiated from contaminated products and will be ejected separately with a combination of metal detector and checkweigher. Exact documentation of the cases makes it possible for you to identify sources of errors in production and guarantees reliable foreign body management for your food.

Multiple lane operation

Throughputs of up to 300 packages a minute per track can be achieved on our X-ray scanners via multiple lane operation. Of course, inspection is not necessarily limited to individual packages. Entire packs are also routinely subjected to foreign body and filling level checks. During this inspection, contaminated products are marked on the display and ejected.

Powerful optical inspection

Our optional optical inspection systems with high-resolution cameras, powered by sophisticated image processing software check for label positioning and legible content. We can determine whether the date of manufacture and best before date have been applied to the package and are free of errors. Our reliable inspection technology ensures the highest customer satisfaction thanks to the unique combination of X-ray scanning and optical inspection.

Acquire and analyse all relevant data in one place

Our solutions acquire all your production data and with their intuitive software elements, exclude incorrect entries In addition to the weighed and ejected products; the data obtained also includes the quantity, shape, appearance and foreign bodies detected, depending on requirements. As an option, Comscale4, our web based quality data management software networks your checkweighers and inspection machines even across sites and makes all relevant production data available to you in real time.

You can access the data on every machine connected to your production line from your PC and even from mobile devices. The data is available for a quick check, as well as for extensive analysis and is easy to share with your partners and other departments. Right decisions can be made quickly. Keep full control of your quality assurance, always!

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