Perfect combination: High speed checkweighing and optical inspection


The HC-A-V model series is a representative of state-of-the-art inspection and control technology. It is a trend-setting combination of vision inspection and checkweigher technology in a compact design.
In addition to reliable and precise checkweighing, the HC-A-V also ensures the optical inspection of your products. The HC-A-V checks the information printed on the products for correctness and a flawless appearance.

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The key components used in this model, such as the WIPOTEC weigh cell and the vision control system developed by WIPOTEC-OCS, are crucial for high performance and quality assurance.

The HC-A-V significantly expands the potential uses of the WIPOTEC-OCS product portfolio and completes the extensive range, especially in the area of vision inspection. It consistently continues the well-known product and operating philosophy. 

A common software interface ensures easy, menu-driven operation of the entire system. Product parameters, logging and production statistics are very comfortably managed from a central point.

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Key Features

  • Highly precise product transport
  • High-tech WIPOTEC weigh cell for high-precision weighing of your products
  • Vision inspection from above and below
  • Verifying cover films
  • Checking of sell by dates
  • Checking of barcodes

Your benefits

  • All-in-one operating concept for very quick and easy handling
  • Demand-orientated modularity for maximum flexibility
  • The most comprehensive inspection for maximum product safety and quality

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Further Information on the Topic of Checkweighers

The modular design of WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers from the E-M-A series ensures perfect weighing results due to numerous flexible options. The infeed and outfeed, as well as the discharge, individually adapted to your production line and your products, ensure smooth product handling.

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