More Than Just Two Single-Interval Scales: The 3-in-1 Solution for Greater Throughput


The HC-FL catchweigher is a combination of two single-interval scales in line. Both scales can operate simultaneously, or work independently of each other. As soon as a parcel exceeds a certain length, both single-interval scales work together as a virtual third set of scales. This industrial scale is ideal for applications where high belt speeds and top throughputs are required for products individually weighing up to 60 kg – perfect for the CEP sector.

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The scales weigh precisely up to 11,000 parcels an hour at transport speeds of up to 3.4 m/s. The scales impress with first class performance and durability. More than 1,000 systems have been put into operation worldwide to date. The HC-FL from WIPOTEC-OCS is therefore setting new standards in its sector.

The construction principle offers around 60 % more throughput at the same speed compared to single-interval scales. Using two single-interval scales enables the shortest possible product gaps. The catchweigher can also weigh during acceleration and decelaration phases, and on ascending or descending slopes. The use of a high-tech weigh cell from WIPOTEC, which works on the principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR), guarantees the best technology for excellent weighing results.

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Key Features

  • Transport speeds up to 3.4 m/s (670 FPM)*
  • 50ms weight capture times*
  • Weighing range up to 60 kg
  • Accuracy above +/- 50 g
  • Two single-interval scales which, if required, can be combined to simulate a third set of virtual scales
  • Low noise level not exceeding 65 dB

*NTEP certified for a +/- 20g and up weighing accuracy; transport speed dependent

Your Benefits

  • Throughput increase of up to 60 % compared to single-interval scales
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • WIPOTEC EMFR weigh cell for the best weighing results

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