Perfection in Static Weighing


When capturing static unit weights and sending them to a higher level system, you cannot do better than the EC-NSW-S static scale. Thanks to a wide range of communication possibilities even in the basic configuration, this table-top scale saves money with each weighing.

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The scale features interfaces for the connection of peripheral devices, for example, manual scanners. The standard version includes supplemental digital inputs and outputs. The EC-NSW-S, gives you an outstanding high-tech package for an astonishingly good price.


The use of high-tech Weigh Cells from Wipotec, which operate according to the principle of Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR), guarantees the best technology for optimal weighing results.

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Key Features

  • Interfaces for peripheral devices
  • Additional digital Inputs and Outputs

Your Benefits

  • Very good price-performance ratio

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