E-paper: AVC - Active Vibration Compensation

High-precision weighing results through AVC-equipped catchweighers

Installing dynamic weighing systems in sorting centers is particularly challenging, as vibrations play a significant role. Sorters, frequently positioned close to industrial weigh scales, have a significant impact on the intensity of vibrations affecting these platforms and transport systems, due to their moving masses.

WIPOTEC's unique Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) is a weighing technology solution that effectively prevents vibrations from falsifying weight results. AVC, through intelligent algorithms, achieves the most precise weighing results, ensuring the desired weighing accuracy even in environments where the weighing technology is subject to vibrating floors. AVC filters out environment-induced vibration interferences from the product weight measuring results without any loss in production line speed.

Read this e-paper to learn how to reach the calibration values specified for your industrial scales using AVC. Furthermore, this e-paper provides useful information on the layout of steel platforms in sorting and distribution centers.

Dynamic weighing technology in sorting centres

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