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The final phase has begun: By February 2019, it will be obligatory for prescription drugs to be marked with security features which clearly distinguish an original from a fake.

Pharmaceutical companies must recognise this sign of the times and act now if they want to avoid serious consequences, such as delays in delivery or even a complete inability to deliver.

Benefit from the expertise of OCS, an international leading manufacturer of Track & Trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and be as well-equipped as possible.

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The clock is ticking: How important are global serialisation obligations for the pharmaceutical industry?
Wednesday, 20th July, 10:00 a.m. (CEST)
Speaker: Volker Ditscher, OCS Business Manager Track & Trace.

Get informed now about the OCS Track & Trace solutions, successfully implemented throughout the world. Legitimate medicines require seamless traceability!


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