Everything from a single source


The corporate philosophy of the der WIPOTEC Group: core competencies and high level of vertical integration

Corporate video about the WIPOTEC Group’s corporate philosophy of keeping all technologically relevant processes for manufacturing products in its own hands.

Distributed over the entire value chain, starting with basic research, development and project planning, in design and production, through to sales and service – the high level of vertical integration with efficient logistics and short paths enables WIPOTEC to practice just-in-time production and develop customer-specific solutions.

Everything from a single source means that the company’s requirements for electronics, be it printed board assemblies, controllers, industrial PCs, displays or camera systems, can be covered entirely in-house. This also applies to the core competence of mechanical manufacturing where the in-house machining facility supplies all the components for the machines conceived, designed and produced in Kaiserslautern. In recent years, they have made the WIPOTEC Group the world’s leading supplier of intelligent weighing and inspection technology.

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