Implementing innovations perfectly – how world-renowned product are created in Kaiserslautern

The WIPOTEC Group’s new corporate video: The key message of the world market and technology leader for intelligent weighing and inspection technology

The WIPOTEC Group’s atmospheric corporate video uses stirring images and exciting copy to bring to life the uniqueness of a solution provider of intelligent weighing and inspection technology whose systems enjoy an international reputation. 

The new corporate video is designed to impress viewers with its cinematic adaptation of the corporate group’s key message. A group with a passion for engineering in its very DNA which enables it to create products with the highest level of vertical integration, products that stand up to any comparison and, with their unique design, construction and implementation, products that are leaders in their respective industry technology. 

The film produced in an engaging manner delivers facts but also gives employees an opportunity to speak and describes their contribution to the company, their commitment and their motivation. It credibly conveys the WIPOTEC Group’s strategic goals and impressively communicates a convincing image of companies affiliated under one roof, encompassing the assumption of overall corporate responsibility for the well-being and progress of our society. 

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