Compact and efficient: The “Smalls” scales for small and light freight


If you want to weigh letters, flats and small parcels up to 15 kg, the catchweighers of the EC-Smalls series are perfect for your needs. WIPOTEC-OCS has developed these scales specifically for use in the postal and courier service as well as for e-commerce.

The WIPOTEC EMFR weigh cell and an especially high-quality transport unit ensure very high measuring accuracy. Precise weighing results are available in a very short time and enable very short product gaps. This means higher effective throughput rates.

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The EC-Smalls models have an impressively great performance range and small dimensions at the same time. And they are easy to integrate.

Four different weighing belt lengths and three width variations enable pinpoint optimum machine design for different parcel distributions. Proven quality from WIPOTEC-OCS: technically impressive and space-saving, engineering that provides excellent value for money.

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Key Features

  • Transport speeds up to 1.2 m/s
  • Weighing range up to 15 kg
  • Accuracy above +/- 2 g
  • Wear-free WIPOTEC weigh cell
  • High level of accuracy due to high-quality transport unit
  • Maintenance-free drive

Your Benefits

  • WIPOTEC EMFR weigh cell for the best weighing results
  • Good price/performance ratio and low operating costs
  • Perfectly suited to the CEP sector

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Technical Dimensions

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