DWS Compact

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning ready to go in only 24 hours

The volume, weight and barcode of your packages (up to 120 kg) are completely, easily and dependably recorded. The user-friendly controls ensure convenient handling.

The DWS system from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees the complete transparency of your data, which is transmitted to a central data management system and then processed for comprehensive billing.

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The DWS "Compact" version offers an unbeatable advantage: Installation and commissioning are usually completed within 24 hours. Nowhere else can you save money save faster than this!

We set the high-tech standards in the field of conveying and weighing technology. Take advantage of it!



Key Features

  • Transport speed: up to 2.9 m/s
  • Weight range: up to 120 kg
  • Calibration value 20 g

Your Benefits

  • Fast installation an commissioning within 24 hours
  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results
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Technical Dimensions

Technical Data

ApplicationCEP, mail order, intralogistics
Machine typeDWS Compact- Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning
Transport speed up to 2,. m/s
Control cabinet voltage; operating voltageL1/N/PE; 230V/115V; 230V/115V
Operating frequency50/60 Hz
Working height750-1,100 mm
Weighing belt width800/900/1,000/1,200 mm
Weighing belt length1,500/1,600/1,700/1,800 mm
Protection classIP54
Min. calibration value (e)≥ 20 g
Max. weighing range 120 kg


Other system configurations on request

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