Checkweigher and X-ray inspection a space saving unit

The SC-W series is a pioneering combination of innovative X-ray technology and the proven checkweigher technology from WIPOTEC-OCS. The products in the accepted goods stream are checked not only for impurities, but also undergo a high-precision weight control check. Units with an incorrect weight are ejected into a separate container.

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Both the single and the dual-track modelare very successful – either with or without the curtain for radiation protection. The variant without protective curtainprovides high throughput rates of up to 300 pieces per minute per track, which is even possible for very lightweight product units.

Key Features

  • X-ray scanner and checkweigher in one unit
  • Flexible component design
  • Available as single or dual-track system

Your Benefits

  • X-ray scanner and checkweigher for maximum product safety
  • Easy to operate central user interface
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Technical Dimensions


X-ray inspection and checkweigher in one unit: SC-W technical drawing

Technical Data

X-ray type Metal-ceramic tube with integrated water cooling system orair-cooled monoblock
X-ray output up to 600 W, depending on type (infinitely variable)
X-ray sensor Long-life camera technology with 160 μm resolution
Scanning width from 300 to 600 mm1)
Scanning speeds up to 120 m/min with up to 300 products per track
Product storage 100 products, expandable
Display 15“ colour TFT with touchscreen (19“ optional)
Working height 750-850 mm, 800-900 mm, 850-950 mm 2)
Weight approx. 500 kg
Hygienic design Complete stainless steel model (1.4301), easy to clean product area; built-in drive technology
Ambient conditions +5°C to +40°C, relative humidity 30% - 85%
Protection class IP65
Power supply 230 V, AC/50Hz, 2.5 kVAConnection with separate, 16 A fuse power line
Weighing technology Gross weight range Max. preload Min. calibration value
Single track 750 - 7,500 g 4,000 - 15,000 g 0.1 g
Dual track 750 - 7,500 g 4,000 - 15,000 g 0.1 g
Max. output3) 300 ppm
Certification DE-08-MI006-PTB028 (MID)
Standard deviation (1s)3) > 50 mg

Explanation of footnotes

  1. Wider models available by request
  2. Other working heights by request
  3. Dependent on product form, product behaviour, transport speed, and local conditions
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