Most accurate X-ray inspection of bulk materials: the safety check for raw goods


The SC-B X-ray scanner is the ideal entry point for the quality X-ray inspection of incoming raw material. Foreign body detection at the beginning of the production process leads to optimisation of the line efficiency by reducing product losses and downtimes. In contrast to the end-of-line check, contamination is removed before processing, thus reducing the number of products ejected.

Large foreign bodies, such as metal parts, can damage machines and may be split into many small, undetectable fragments. X-ray inspection at the beginning and end of the production line supports monitoring of the production process. Foreign bodies, which appear at the end of the line, are frequently the cause of damage to production machines. Once the source of the foreign body has been found, it is possible to initiate repairs or the procurement of spare parts at an early stage.

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The high-tech X-ray scanner is ideally suited to use with dry bulk goods, such as rice, coffee, nuts or other loose products.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel in protection class IP65, the X-ray scanner meets the highest hygiene requirements. Bevelled surfaces and C-shaped product space ensure easy and thorough cleaning. Compact in design, the SC-B X-ray scanner is very easy to integrate into existing production lines. Even the basic version has a diode line scan detector with 0.4 mm resolution. Various ejection systems, such as multiple air blast nozzles, make it possible to remove impurities from the production process with minimum loss of product.      

All WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray inspection systems use the easy-to-operate user interface familiar from the checkweighers. They are controlled via a 15” colour TFT with touchscreen that constantly displays the current X-ray images.

The SC-B X-ray scanner is the perfect investment for users who are looking for a highly professional solution to foreign body detection.

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Key Features

  • Integrated conveying technology
  • Compact design
  • Diode line scan detector with 0.4 mm resolution
  • Hygienic design

Your Benefits

  • Reliable check of incoming goods for highest product quality
  • Compact design for ultra-easy integration

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