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The globally successful SC product line meets the highest standards of modern quality management. Nothingis left to chance in terms of process safety and hygienic design. A high performance camera detector equippedwith HD-TDI technology ensures high resolution and sharp X-ray images, while providing the optimal basis forthe image processing software developed at WIPOTEC-OCS. The minimal faulty rejection rate combines with the maximal detection accuracy to provide the greatest possible safety.

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All of the X-ray scanners from WIPOTEC-OCS havethe same familiar and convenient userinterface found in the checkweigher line. Designed for protection class IP65 withfull stainless steel construction, the systemfeatures a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with the C-shapedand weldless product chamber, enablethorough cleaning quickly and easily.


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Key Features

  • C-shaped product chamber
  • Flexible component design
  • Compact design
  • Integrated conveyor systems
  • Balcony design
  • High performance camera detector with HD-TDI technology

Your Benefits

  • The broadest inspection for maximum safety
  • Compact design for easy integration

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As a result, Saeby Fish ensures 100% inspection of their canned foods and safeguards their decade-long reputation and consumer confidence in their products.

Foreign Body Detection in Canned Fish

Quality assurance with the SC 6000 X-ray inspection system. The 4-track design allows for a throughput of up to 1,600 pieces per minute.

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