Powerful X-ray technology from WIPOTEC-OCS

The prerequisite of a successful detection of foreign bodies are X-ray images of the highest quality. It begins with the selection of the optimal X-ray source in combination with the best sensors and high performance image processors running the software. The modular system of WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray technology encompasses air-cooled monoblocks as well as water-cooled metal ceramic tubes with beryllium windows.

Vertical X-ray beam

The adjustable high voltage generator drives the x ray tube. Using a collimator, it sends a concentrated beam of radiation to the high performance camera. The product to be inspected is positioned on the integrated belt conveyor between the X-ray tube and the camera where it is then x-rayed.

The resulting high resolution X-ray images correspond to the specific density profiles of the controlled products. Foreign bodies within the product are then detected on the basis of their higher specific densities.

The X-ray images are displayed in real time on the 15” touchscreen control panel. Simultaneously, by means of in-house developed image processing software, they are checked against a number of possible defects like impurities, product deformation, fill level deviation, and incomplete or broken products.

Defective products are removed from the production flow with the aid of any one of a variety of alternative mechanisms. The ejection crosscheck control (optional) reliably monitors this process. In the interest of full traceability, the images of the ejected products are archived with a date and time stamp in the image data memory.

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