AVC compensates up to 100% of the disturbances

High precision dynamic weighing in environments prone to vibrations: AVC technology made possible!

AVC technology welcomes the challenge Undesirable vibrations are an everyday fact of life in most production operations. Such vibration or shock may be caused directly by the equipment as a result of its moving parts, or indirectly through the floor and ceiling designs that absorb and conduct the vibrations caused by other machines. Vehicles (trucks, fork lifts) can also be a source of unwanted disturbances.

WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers with active electronic AVC (= Active Vibration Compensation) are built to handle such disturbances when determining the weights of goods being produced. AVC technology insures that vibrations will have no influence on the highly accurate measurements being obtained. OCS checkweigher systems with AVC determine weight values very quickly and accurately thanks to the electronic vibration compensation. Any vibrations are captured separately and reliably factored out from the actual weight value. The bottom line: OCS checkweighers can be employed successfully under nearly any operating conditions and, in some cases for the first time, make precise measurement possible.

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