User-friendly serialisation for use in small spaces

TQS-SP is a user-friendly solution for the serialisation of individual cartons. The folding boxes are conveyed by a specially designed, double guided top/bottom belt conveyor that ensures stable positioning after leaving the cartoner.

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The TQS top/bottom belt conveyor is fully adjustable in three dimensions to quickly and easily accommodate various carton formats. The codes are printed as required on the flaps (front or back side) or the top of the folding boxes. The TQS-SP can be installed into a line network with automated product feed or as a mobile stand-alone unit with manual supply. The unit can be retrofitted into any existing packaging line.

Thanks to ConfigureFast, identical print data is sent directly to the printer and to the camera‘s print imager. All system components are quickly and easily controlled from one single user interface without having to switch programs.

Key Features

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • High throughput rate of up to 600 pcs/min (300 pcs/min is standard)
  • Space-saving unit for quick integration and operational readiness helps achieve cost reductions
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Technical Dimensions

Serialization Pharma TQS-SP technical drawing

Technical Data

Output 300 pcs/min (optionally 600 pcs/min)
Rated voltage L1/N/PE 100-240V
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Connect load 1.0 kVA
Compressed air approx. 6 bar 16 Nl/min, quality class 5/3/3 to DIN ISO 8573-1
Production type IP54 1)
Material of machine Stainless steel V2A/AISI 304
Product transport height 800 mm-950 mm (optionally 700 mm-840 mm / 900 mm-1,050 mm)
Product length 30 mm-200 mm (optionally 20 mm-300 mm)
Product height 10 mm-150 mm (optionally 10 mm-200 mm)
Product depth 40 mm-200 mm (optionally 80 mm-300 mm)
Camera resolution 1.296 x 966 Pixel
Unit weight 180 kg

Explanation of footnotes

  1. Water spray form above
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