Reliable 360° inspection for semi-automatic aggregation

TQS-CP-Bottle is designed for the perfect integration in bottle or vial production lines. The system can be set up directly at the outlet of any conventional labeling machine to verify the previously serialised labels on individual cylindrical containers via an omnidirectional, 360° inspection.

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This is done by a 360° camera, which features a central adjustment unit to facilitate the tool free adjustment of all cameras to the respective diameter of the bottles.

Bottle-shaped products are transported to the machine via a conveyor screw. The codes of previously serialised products are identified in a 360 degree process. A non-readable or invalid serial number leads to its discharge. The products are then collected up to the target amount for the carton and handed over to the operator for packing. Once the carton is full, the operator applies the automatically printed label to the shipment carton and verifies it with the handheld scanner.

Key Features

  • Integrated 360° camera module for ultra-fast inspection (aggregation)
  • Secure product handling and separation of cylindrical objects through infeed screw for superior inspection results
  • Semi-automatic aggregation of serialised bottles into shipment cartons
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA, TM
  • Tool free format change
  • Fastest configuration with ConfigureFast

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • Compact, high-tech, multi-functional unit for optimal productivity
  • Maximal integration flexibility through modular design
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Technical Dimensions

Serialization-Aggregation Pharma TQS-CP-Bottle technical drawing

Technical Data

Max. output up to 400 pcs/min (120 pcs/min is standard)
Rated voltage L1/N/PE 100-240 V
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power capacity approx. 1.0 kVA
Compressed air supply 6 bar ca. 16 NI/min Güteklasse 1/4/1 nach DIN ISO 8573-1
Protection class IP54 1)
Stainless steel V2A/AISI 304
Working height 700-840/800-950/900-1,050 mm 2)
Bottle dimensions (diameter x H) 100x200 mm
Weight approx. 400 kg


Explanation of the footnotes

  1. Water jet from above
  2. Other working heights by request
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