Secure Remote Service for Minimum Downtime

Remote services in accordance with the highest possible security standards

As it is already the case with consumer goods, machines in pharmaceutical production environment are also subject to the trend towards digitisation and now allow connections to corporate networks and the Internet. For manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, WIPOTEC-OCS provides a secure remote service using the latest IT security standards to perform real-time services remotely. This development offers tremendous opportunities to speed up support service and minimize production downtime.

Your benefits a glance:

  • Fewer downtimes of the production line due to faster fault diagnosis and rectification of faults
  • Real-time support during commissioning, function tests and system diagnoses
  • Lower service costs (no transfer costs or waiting times)
  • Secure access due to firewall

Full data security due to firewall-based VPN remote service tool

To do this, WIPOTEC-OCS equips all TQS machines with an innovative and firewall-based VPN remote service tool. VPN stands for virtual private network and provides the option of establishing an encrypted connection via the Internet and at the same time guaranteeing data security. Use of the remote service tool increases the efficiency of maintenance and has the advantage of enabling secure remote connection of the TQS machines. The remote service tool integrates seamlessly in existing business IT on the system side. It is designed to protect the customer and ensure overall data integrity.

Only you have control over the scope of service and time of the remote access

WIPOTEC-OCS supports its customers when using the remote service tool by means of a secure smartcard login procedure. The connection is made via a web portal. To switch on the remote service, only your team can enable access to the TQS machine via a hardware switch in the control cabinet. In this way, you always have control over the scope and time of the remote access. A sophisticated security concept ensures that WIPOTEC-OCS can offers you remote services in accordance with the highest security standards.

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