TQS: open XML-interfaces for secure and dependable data transport

No matter what your current IT structure looks like, you must always integrate the required or generated Track & Trace data. The following applies: The lower the number of optional modules to be installed, the better the system will operate.

TQS relies on the use of open XML standard interfaces, avoiding the creation of any proprietary island solutions. The TQS Line Manager gives you the lowest possible IT overhead. The job order data can be input directly into the machine. The Line Manager runs on any TQS module on the line and can easily and conveniently connect to a variety of Level 3 providers.

The core of the Line Manager is the production database which stores the data during the production operations. In the event of a temporary server and network infrastructure failure, the production line is secured by means of a local buffer memory. The permanent data storage is performed only in the Level 3 systems.

  • Flexible database system for data management
  • Standardised XML interface for maximum flexibility
  • Easy site system connection for maximum productivity
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