TQS – the perfect modular Track & Trace solution for global serialisation requirements

Track & Trace is an individual identifying feature in the pharmaceutical sector and the key to guaranteeing the authenticity of medicines. The identification and complete traceability of originator medicines in the entire value chain combined with the tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes form the basis for unconditional trust on the part of consumers.

As a response to the various national requirements, with the Traceable Quality System (TQS) we developed a highly flexible Track & Trace platform that offers our pharmaceutical customers a reliable, future-proof solution.

The modular machine portfolio is aimed at the main applications of serialisation & weighing, Tamper-Evident and consistent aggregation of all relevant forms of packaging. In addition, we successfully integrate state-of-the-art OEM integration solutions into packaging machines. Perfect line integration is also supported by open, standardised interfaces and as a consequence unrestricted compatibility with existing machine and system components is achieved.

Single Pack Serialisation

Tamper-Evident / Serialisation / Weighing

Bundle Pack Aggregation

Case Aggregation

You are looking for a fast plug and play serialisation solution?
TQS FAST TRACK – fully automated serialisation within 6 weeks

To respond to the approaching DSCSA serialization deadline in the US and the EU FMD regulations, WIPOTEC-OCS launched a series of preconfigured TQS Fast Track products that enable you to be compliant within 6 weeks*.

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TQS - One of customers worldwide estimated solutions

Best in class, whether as standard machine solution or OEM integration

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14 Track & Trace lines with TQS –benchmark project Santa Farma

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We stand for standardisation

WIPOTEC-OCS is a solution provider to GS1 Germany and also a voting member of the GS1 Global Healthcare Solution Provider Network. We co-operate closely with the major pharmaceuticals and implement, the relevant targets and modifications regarding serialisation and aggregation.

WIPOTEC-OCS is also a member of the Open SCS Working Group. This indicates our commitment to flexible options for the integration in existing production infrastructures,as well as to the philosophy of open and standardised connections to higher-level systems.

Our consultancy apporach - more than just a machine business

The particular challenge of the provision of Track & Trace advice tailored to you is taking into account your specific production environment and all the serialisation and aggregation requirements in your global target markets. Our experts have collected and analysed the latter for you on an interactive map of the world.

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Our project engineers and sector experts use this as the basis for the preparation of the right machine and line configuration for you. They will be at your side during order processing and subsequently help, together with our service department, during implementation in your production lines. Within this process we ensure that the agreed product and customer-specific requirements are met and completion is on schedule..

WIPOTEC-OCS makes a flexible and modular Track & Trace system that was perfectly customised to satisfy our needs. TQS supports all widely used forms of packaging, whether cartons, bottles, or their aggregations.

In terms of implementing future global Track & Trace requirements, with TQS we are in the best possible position.In terms of implementing future global Track & Trace requirements, with TQS we are in the best possible position.

Dr. Marco Klingele
Track & Trace Program Lead / Head of Administration
Losan Pharma GmbH

Outstanding features of TQS

ConfigureFast: for very easy, fast operation

Intuitive and ideal to operate, thanks to ConfigureFast, TQS provides the greatest possible flexibility with very easy usage. With ConfigureFast the transport system, coding unit, camera, checkweigher and labeller are controlled from a single software package. For the operator this means convenient set-up and short changeover times on product change during which the usual lengthy changes in several different user interfaces are no longer required. This consistency covers all levels of aggregation.

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A central element of Track & Trace is the traceability of the products based on the serial number. A unique feature of TQS is the acquisition of additional product data beyond the relevant serialisation parameters. These include, e.g., the weight and the code quality, which are saved together with the serial number. This additional data can be used in a number of different ways to assess product quality and derive adequate measures.

TQS Line Manager - open interfaces for avoiding Lock-ins

Irrespective of your current IT structure: you must reliably integrate into your structure the Track & Trace data required and generated. TQS relies on the usage of an open XML standard interface to avoid a proprietary island solution.

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Highly precise product transport

TQS machines impress with highly precise product transport that enables accurate coding even with high throughput.

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Verification and In-Line Grading


All TQS serialisation machines (TQS-SP and TQS-HC-A) are designed with a function that checks the print quality of the printed codes in line. This control (grading) takes place continuously during throughput of the packages and is based on ISO/IEC 15415 (for 2D Codes) and 15416 (for 1D Codes).

This evaluation is a good indicator of the print quality and is useful as a trend indicator. In-line grading does not replace the full-scale, standardised verification of the printing results.



Secure Remote Service for Minimum Downtime

Once the lines are equipped for serialization of pharmaceutical products, the next step is to ensure seamless production flow. At WIPOTEC-OCS, we recognize that efficient support service is crucial for the success of your pharma serialization project. Consequently, we offer our clients a remote service solution that enables immediate real-time support and quick troubleshooting to ensure your production lines run smoothly.

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Intelligent systems for more drug safety

Tamper-Evident seals

A key component in meeting European regulations regarding drug safety, is the application of a Tamper-Evident seal on every individual package. The Tamper-Evident seal can be implemented in various ways. The serialisation modules TQS-SP and TQS-HC-A use our very compact Tamper-Evident labeler to apply the safety seals. Our unique top belt system gives the necessary support to the packages.

In-Line Thermo Transfer Printing of Labels

It is necessary in some applications to provide the individual packages with an additional, country-specific label or vignette. This step is also performed in the TQS-SP and TQS-HC-A machines by means of space-saving labeling units. There is an option of using thermal transfer printing facilitates, for example, the flexible printing of batch data.


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