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Our travelling exhibition brings our complete product portfolio directly to your doorstep. The new Wipotec Show Truck: an entire truck full of innovative solutions, ready to show and demonstrate with your very own products.

The "travelling in-house exhibition" shows you the latest products in the fields of checkweighers and X-ray inspection technology. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss solutions for your applications with our specialists and experts on board our show truck.

Select the application(s) you are interested in and arrange an appointment for a demonstration at your premises. Our show truck will come to your factory exclusively and free of charge!

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Highly precise and ultra-fast

Our checkweigher portfolio of the E-M-A series impresses with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to an increasing line efficiency.

Typical application areas prevent the underfilling and overfilling, resulting in brand protection and cost reduction due to less product giveaway. Other advantages occur in the simple and intuitive operation of the machines leading to short familiarisation periods and trouble-free usage.

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X-ray and optical inspection solutions foster product safety

The quality of industrially manufactured products must enjoy the highest priority in all production processes. The delivery of defective products could lead to devastating consequences. Recalls or claims are extremely expensive and damage your brand.

To avoid such repercussions we have developed a comprehensive X-ray portfolio providing supreme product safety. Supplemented by intelligent software and optional optical inspection, we cover an extraordinary breadth and depth of applications.

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In Weigh Cells

A world market leader in the integration ultra-fast, high-precision EMFR weigh cells.

> 20,000

More than 20,000 WIPOTEC checkweighers are in successful use worldwide. In the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics and mail & logistics industries. And a few more besides.

Track & Trace
> 3,000
Track & Trace

Success without borders: to date WIPOTEC has implemented more than 3,000 Track & Trace projects with pharmaceutical customers all over the world.

Serialization Pharma TQS-HC-A Tamper-Evident front view

Track & Trace Traceable Quality System

Track & Trace is an individual identifying feature in the pharmaceutical sector and the key to guaranteeing the authenticity of medicines. The identification and complete traceability of originator medicines in the entire value chain combined with the tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes form the basis for unconditional trust on the part of consumers.

As a response to the various national requirements, with the Traceable Quality System (TQS) we developed a highly flexible Track & Trace platform that offers our pharmaceutical customers a reliable, future-proof solution.

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Catchweighers and DWS systems
An economical solution for every application

"Time is money" – is a well-known saying that applies particularly to mail and logistics service providers. To optimise the control of the product flow and the allocation of storage and transport resources, WIPOTEC-OCS integrates efficiency enhancing weighing and volume measuring solutions for global CEP (Courier, Express, Parcel) organisations. Our systems are valued by leading logistics companies for providing maximised capacity planning and utilisation.

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Weigh Cells overview (0-120 kg)

WIPOTEC Weighing Technology
OEM integration of EMFR weigh cells and weighing kits.

Ultra-fast precision weigh cells for high-speed applications.

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Vertical integration
> 85%
Vertical integration

This is an unusual value even for highly-specialised German machine construction. And it’s the guarantee of our long-term spare parts supply – largely independent of suppliers.

Service & Partners
> 100
Affiliates & Partners

Our sales and service network of branches and certified affiliates covers the whole world. Wherever you’re based, we offer you manufacturing quality “Made in Germany”.

alternative energies
Alternative Energies

By using alternative energies, WIPOTEC has cut its CO2 emissions by almost 85%. And, in terms of conventional energy, will be self-sufficient from 2020 onwards.

ISO 9001

Our quality management system is committed to not only meet our customers’ expectation but to exceed them. On an ongoing basis and with the aim of continuously improving performance.

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