Wash-Down Hygienic Design

Hygienic design means designing systems like checkweighers or X-ray inspection equipment, which are used in hygiene-relevant areas such as those in the food industry, so that cleaning is effortless. The aim is to prevent design flaws that could promote hygiene-related hazards. The ability to clean materials, surfaces and structural elements without obstructions is of paramount importance. Contaminants of any kind must not be allowed to settle or remain permanently; on the contrary, they must be easy to remove and the overall design must facilitate cleaning of the product-carrying areas without leaving residues.

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Innovative hygienic design offers maximum protection (IP69K)

Innovative hygienic design offers maximum protection

Cleaning products and disinfectants as well as any liquids originating from food must be able to drain away freely and parts which are removable for cleaning purposes should be easy to dismantle. Systems made of stainless steel have the advantage here; specification in accordance with IP65 is strongly recommended.

Resistance to cleaning products and corrosion is required if wet cleaning is intended (wash-down – meaning the use of high-pressure steam cleaners, such as in meat processing for example). In many cases, wet cleaning necessitates a higher protection class, often IP69K.

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Maximum hygiene for optimum quality assurance

WIPOTEC-OCS provides an example of good hygienic design in the HC-M-WD and HC-A-IS-WD, a reliable and robust checkweigher in the innovative wash-down hygienic design which includes a robust, hygiene-compliant stainless steel housing. The model fulfils all the legal requirements of the food processing industry.

Reliable and robust checkweigher in the innovative wash-down hygienic design

To the innovative Wash-Down Hygienic Design checkweighers:

HC-M-WD                HC-A-IS-WD

The X-ray inspection systems of the SC-WD-B series and SC-WD series are also intended for use in hygiene-related areas. They fulfil protection class IP69K; a C-shaped product space, bevelled surfaces and stainless steel housing meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Reliable X-ray inspection systems in innovative wash-down hygiene design

To the innovative Wash-Down Hygienic Design X-ray inspection systems:

SC-WD-B                  SC-WD


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