Counterfeit-proof! Track & Trace solutions and weighing technology in the pharmaceutical sector

High safety standards apply to medicines, and not just to the ingredients used. To effectively exclude the risk of counterfeits, many national statutory provisions regulating serialisation and aggregation are in place. Implementations of the requirements are synonymous with one of the biggest infrastructure projects the global pharmaceutical sector has seen. WIPOTEC-OCS is a globally renowned provider of innovative Track & Trace solutions marketed under the TQS (Traceable Quality System) brand. TQS has been built to enable pharmaceutical companies and CMOs to respond to the various serialisation and aggregation requirements. With over 2,000 Track & Trace projects accomplished globally you can rely on our broad expertise and state-of-the-art TQS machine solutions.

Increasing production safety and quality is also one of the goals of our checkweigher pharma portfolio. In particular, through our HC-A product line we deliver highly accurate checkweighers capable of weighing individual pills or complete folding boxes at high-speed. Furthermore, our products have been built by industry experts that understand your specific application needs or validation requirements.

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  • Global serialisation and aggregation solutions covering key requirements
  • Open and standardised interfaces for an easy integration avoiding vendor lock-in
  • High performance checkweighers with throughputs up to 650 value per minute
  • Compliance with relevant pharma regulations and validation standards
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Track & Trace – Serialisation and Aggregation of medicines

The consumer demands absolute product safety for medicines. Regulators require complete traceability of medicines from the patient, through the pharmacy, to the manufacturer. This eradicates health and financial implications caused by product piracy and counterfeits.

Consistent serialisation guarantees the identification of the smallest packaging unit through a unique product coding and serial number. These can be traced back through all aggregation levels from single packaging , through bundle packing, and shipping box to the pallet. 

Not only are risks identified, but more efficient processes are created along the entire supply chain.

TQS – we empower your Track & Trace projects

The consumer oriented Traceable Quality System is the unique response from WIPOTEC-OCS to the drug safety challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the country in which your products are produced and the area to which they are exported, specific requirements apply to the coding and applications of country-specific vignettes and labels. Our engineers will accompany you step-by-step during the correct configuration of your machine and will secure a fast and smooth implementation. The modular system can be adapted to suit the conditions on your existing packaging line.

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Machine-readable coding ensures a globally unique product classification in the form of a serial number, combined with a Tamper-Evident label on each individual pack, to form the basis for consumer protection against counterfeit drugs. Serialisation and continuous aggregation provides transparency of product origin all the way to retail sale and creates trust and security in the market.

The serialisation of individual boxes begins with the stable positioning on receipt from the cartoner. The labels are then applied as required to the front or back side, or the top of each folding box. Thanks to the compact design of the labeller, a Tamper-Evident label can be applied to prevent illegal opening of the original box. The TQS top conveyor system transports the folding boxes from the cartoner and has demonstrated maximum flexibility in adapting to the most varied of folding box dimensions.

Aggregation: TQS provides optimal Track & Trace implementation

The series of machines in the Traceable Quality System (TQS) delivers a format independent aggregation for all packaging levels (sets, cartons, paletts) tailored for the individual requirements of every customer. TQS enables the consolidation of the serial numbers of multiple individual packs into a separate unique serial number for the set. In addition to semi-automatic aggregation of manually repacked cartons, where the operator places previously aggregated sets lengthwise into the shipping carton. The operator conveniently assigns the units from a lower packaging level (e.g., folding box) to a higher level (e.g., sets or shipping cartons). Therefore, a hierarchical relationship is created in the database.

TQS – leading technology and innovation to your benefit

Perfection in every detail: special top-bottom conveyors and toothed belts with proven NT belt technology, support through synchronisation sensors, reliably hold a wide range of varying formats, for delicate folding boxes, in place. Our sophisticated transport system is the prerequisite for flawless printing and subsequent verification of the serialisation coding. It enables the highest throughputs. We offer customized solutions for the efficient handling of bottles, vials and ampoules through an all-round inspection of the cylindrical objects using a 360° camera module. Thermal inkjet and CO2 laser printers are available for the printing task, as well as thermal transfer printers for labels. To completely exclude printing errors, the printed codes are checked inline as per the applicable ISO standards and ejected from the product flow.

Hands off! Tamper-Evident seals

The second important safety feature, along with the serialisation code, is Tamper-Evidence. The safety labels are automatically applied to the tuck flaps by the labelling unit. Your products remain protected against unauthorised tampering and the consumer's trust remains untainted.

ConfigureFast: Short setup and changeover times

With flexible and intuitive operations provided by ConfigureFast, TQS provides a maximum ease of use. In ConfigureFast, the transport system, coding unit, camera, scales and labeller are all controlled with a single software. This ensures fast setup and changeover times, as the usual and time-consuming need to configure through various user interfaces is eliminated. This consistency extends to all levels of aggregation.

Checkweighers: Adding productivity to your line

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Our high performance dynamic checkweighers determine the weight of your packed or unpacked products to the milligram. Leading transport technology and Wipotec EMFR weigh cells amongst other features enable precise weighing and documentation. Exact control of ingredient dosing is an important factor in medicine safety, therefore our solutions even determine the exact weight value of very light objects such as individual pills.–. Incomplete folding boxes can be detected through the deviation from the standard weight. In liquid lines our checkweighers play an integral part in optimizing fill results. Thus saving costs by avoiding over-filling, or even worse an under-filling, of the product that might lead to brand damaging repercussions.

For certain drug types multiple lane applications are ideal. They dynamically weigh several objects in parallel, with constant accuracy at high speeds. Our product philosophy is centred around highest performance and perfect integration capabilities into your line. This can be achieved through stand-alone checkweighers or integration solutions.

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