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All WIPOTEC-OCS machines in stock are quality assured and originate either from our demo pool, our training centers, or trade shows. Prior to putting them on the market, they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished. This guarantees that the machines in stock meet the high quality standards of WIPOTEC-OCS. Equipped with a full warranty and offered at discount prices, these refurbished and - from a technical point - top notch machines come with the same service features as brand new machines.

Your benefits:

  • Quality assured machines from our demo pool, training centers, or trade show stock
  • Full WIPOTEC-OCS manufacturer's warranty
  • Thorough inspection through extensive functional testing
  • Attractive discount compared to newly-built machines
  • Short delivery times and installation

Checkweighers in stock

For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher HC-Mini 4-lanes

Highly precise weighing in the milligram range

Precision weighing for the lightest objects

The HC-Mini 4-lanes is the perfect automated system for continuous and accurate weighing of ultra-lightweightparts (for example, stick packs) in the milligram range. Product infeed is product-specific and individually managed.


  • Product dimensions: L28-40 x W18 x H3-4 mm (L: in working direction, parallel to transport conveyor)
  • Minimum pitch: 170 mm
  • Working height: 750 - 900 mm, not standard (infinitely adjustable)
  • Working direction: left – right
  • Output speed: 250 pcs / min per Lane
  • Gross weight range: 100 g
  • Rejection: by means of air blast
For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher EC-Essential-1

Stainless steel cabinet with integrated control system

Compact design – big performance

Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production.


  • Product dimensions: L150 x W100 x H90 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 220 mm
  • Working height: 800 - 950 mm, not standard (infinitely adjustable)
  • Working direction: left – right
  • Output speed: 120 pcs / min
  • Gross weight range: 1500 g
  • Rejection: by means of air blast
For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher EC-Essential-SL

Modular and flexible weighing technology for larger or heavier products

Complete and comprehensive – essential for the heavy loads

A practical addition to the ESSENTIAL series, the EC-E-SL is designed for high precision weighing of larger or heavier product formats.


  • Product dimensions: L750 x W500 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 820 mm
  • Working height: 700 - 850 mm
  • Working direction: left – right
  • Output speed: please request information
  • Gross weight range: 35000 g
  • Rejection: signal
For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher HC-VA

The checkweigher in a solid stainless steel version for wet environments

Exact fill results for higher productivity

The solid stainless steel construction of the HC-VA is the perfect answer. Other materials have been deliberately avoided in the product areas. This makes the HC-VA ideal for use in light to average humidity environments (protection class IP65).


  • Product dimensions: L250 x W250 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 320 mm
  • Working height: 910 - 1.060 mm
  • Working direction: left – right
  • Output speed: 200 pcs / min
  • Gross weight range: 1500 g
  • Rejection: signal
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