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All WIPOTEC-OCS machines in stock are quality assured and originate either from our demo pool, our training centers, or trade shows. Prior to putting them on the market, they are thoroughly inspected and refurbished. This guarantees that the machines in stock meet the high quality standards of WIPOTEC-OCS. Equipped with a full warranty and offered at discount prices, these refurbished and - from a technical point - top notch machines come with the same service features as brand new machines.

Your benefits:

  • Quality assured machines from our demo pool, training centers, or trade show stock
  • Full WIPOTEC-OCS manufacturer's warranty
  • Thorough inspection through extensive functional testing
  • Attractive discount compared to newly-built machines
  • Short delivery times and installation

Checkweighers in stock

For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher HC-M-WD-4000-3

Checkweigher to meet the highest hygiene standards

Compact design for easy Integration

The HC-M-WD from WIPOTEC-OCS provides a reliable and robust checkweigher in an innovative, hygienic washdown design. This model meets all statutory provisions for the food processing industry like IFS-compliant product control, and HACCP or LMHV/FDA (Food Hygiene Regulations).


  • Total length of checkweigher: approx. 1660 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 260 mm
  • Gross weight range: 3750 g
  • Technical drawing: 2016
For illustrative purposes

Checkweigher HC-A-IS-WD

Pressure washers safe: High-speed in-line weigh control

Extremely high accuracy especially for unstable cylindrical products

The HC-A-IS-WD provides a reliable and robust checkweigher in an innovative, hygienic wash-down design for fully automatic weight control for use in fi lling plants (e.g. in the food and beverage industry). The indexing star wheel system enables optimal product handling for high, slim containers (aerosol cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc.) and ensures fast, precise in-line weight control.


  • Total length of checkweigher: please request information
  • Minimum pitch: please request information
  • Gross weight range: 3750 g
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