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Highly precise, ultra-fast checkweigher solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS


Highest precision at maximum throughput

X-ray inspection systems and Vision inspection solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS

X-ray and Vision

All-embracing quality control

Detect any contamination of your products with Metal detectors from WIPOTEC-OCS

Metal Detection

Safety as the top brand protection

Industrial Scales, Catchweighers and DWS systems from WIPOTEC-OCS


Scales and integrated systems for CEP / Warehouse Applications

Pharmaceutical Serialization & Aggregation from WIPOTEC-OCS

Track & Trace

Machine solutions for serialisation and aggregation

Weighing Cells EC-ES-FS, EC-FS, IW-B-FS, SW-D-FS of WIPOTEC

Weigh Cells

Intelligent Weighing Systems for Machine Manufactures and OEMs

Developments and trends of the WIPOTEC Group

Quality assurance of product and packaging

Fred Köhler, Managing Director of Sales at WIPOTEC, talks about developments and trends in the main business areas of the company group. With regard to Industry 4.0, the focus is on the integration of planning systems and their linkage with production, inspection and quality assurance data. The attention is on quality assurance of product, packaging and the protection of supply chains and thus on the interests of producers and consumers.

WIPOTEC solutions are known for the successful combination of powerful inspection in the smallest of spaces: weighing, metal detection, X-ray inspection, Vision and Track & Trace are examples of what is possible today.

Customer Success Initiator

Where is the journey going? Jens Kühn, technical managing director at WIPOTEC, talks about technologies and trends of dynamic weighing. Worldwide, in non-vibration-free environments, such as packaging machines or filling lines, WIPOTEC Weigh Cells are in use owing to their Active Vibration Compensation. Innovations further include WIPOTEC patented conveyor belt technology for precise weighing at highest transport and production speeds and inspection machines with perfectly integrated multi-inspection technology.

Customised solutions and powerful data interfaces stand for easy integration of top-notch dynamic weighing technology which only a world market leader like WIPOTEC can offer. Engineering and manufacturing competence united under one roof.

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Quality data management using web-based systems

Mastering quality data: Manage your checkweighers, X-ray scanners, and vision systems across multiple locations with COMSCALE4

“If you want to get a grip on quality data, you need software that operates in a networked environment and across locations” as Carsten Roeben and Mathias Bollweg from WIPOTEC explain in the video. For this purpose, the management software must be able to link all common inspection systems (checkweighers, X-ray scanners, and vision systems). One such software is COMSCALE4 from WIPOTEC. The user software links up to 100 inspection systems across locations. COMSCALE4 is available as a user-friendly license model and supports all modern browsers, including mobile devices (without monthly license fees!).

Brochure Comscale4

WIPOTEC-OCS Checkweighers for every Application

100% weight control of machine-packaged products using standardised checkweighers

Production lines for packaged products are progressively running faster, as a result manufacturers are increasingly relying on line automation and process documentation: Ingolf Latz, Director Global Sales for Checkweighers at WIPOTEC, explains in the video how Checkweighers collect and process data during ongoing production and support process documentation with timely reports and statistics. Automated filling controls avoid costly overfilling.

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High-Precision checkweigher solutions

Product handling during the checkweighing process

Consumer protection in food production

Visual inspection systems for increased product safety

New compact systems combine visual inspection, X-ray, and checkweighing.

In this video Carsten Roeben, Sales Director Western Europe, presents the WIPOTEC-OCS visual stand-alone inspection system that checks products from both top and bottom as well as for correct labelling. This includes 1D and 2D codes, plain text, and label verification with OCR/OCV checks. The HC-A-V is further equipped with a weighing device and can thus check the weight of already inspected products as well. To sum it up: compact All-In-One systems provide the complete package of integrated inspection technology for foreign body detection with vision, weighing, and X-ray.

Product page HC-A-V

Product Inspection

Foreign object detection is not the end of the rope: What product inspection systems can accomplish today

In this video Hasan Uygul, Director Global Sales for Product Inspection Systems at WIPOTEC, talks about the quality requirements made by customers which go far beyond foreign object detection. They require the use of vision systems for reading codes, X-ray inspection systems that can also check for completeness and shape, and checkweighers for determining the weight of individual products.

The WIPOTEC answer is their all-in-one solutions presented by Hasan Uygul. You could also call them inspection centers as they combine all functions within one single machine. All-in-one solutions from WIPOTEC allow comprehensive documentation so that a marketable product meets all quality requirements before it is put on the market.

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X-ray inspection for small products

Hygienic Design by WIPOTEC

The new VioX camera technology from WIPOTEC

Full transparency: X-ray inspection with Dual View

Food inspection with X-ray, 3D laser, and vision inspection system

Solving Weighing Technology Challenges

E-commerce and parcel shipping: Innovative solutions for the capacity expansion of CEP and intralogistics companies

E-commerce is driving double-digit annual growth in parcel shipping. This requires CEP and intralogistics companies to expand their capacities accordingly. Jens Alder, Sales Director of the Mail & Logistics business unit, explains the boom in the logistics industry. The constantly growing volume of consignments poses great challenges for the systems in the distribution centres.

Innovative solutions from WIPOTEC stand for higher throughput rates and improved plant efficiency, from gram-precise letter scales to CEP and bulky goods.

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Accurate weighing results despite ambient interference

HC Warehouse: Attractively priced dynamic scale

New Triple Scale

Traceable Quality System (TQS)

Track & Trace - Markets and Trends

Why product tracking and tracing systems are conquering more and more areas of our daily lives.

In this video, Volker Ditscher, Global Sales Director Track & Trace at WIPOTEC, presents innovations of the WIPOTEC-OCS Track & Trace product range (TQS). Until recently, the focus was clearly on pharmaceuticals. However, driven by the demand for more transparency in supply chains - not least in order to better identify and prevent counterfeit products - Track & Trace is gradually finding its way into many other areas of our daily lives. These days, you can find numerous WIPOTEC-OCS TQS systems in the medical technology or cosmetics industry, just to name a few. One of the reasons is that integrating TQS systems into existing production and packaging lines is remarkably easy.

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Track & Trace solutions for cosmetics and food

RFID solutions - more security

Safe serialisation of cylindrical products

Fast realisation of challenging Track & Trace projects

Semi-automatic label dispenser for folding boxes and cartons

Integrated Weighing Technology

A market leader´s perspective on technology and trends

In the following video, the Global Sales Director for Weighing Technology, Michael Kirsch, presents industries for which WIPOTEC provides high-performance standard Weigh Cells and Weighing Kits.

Machine builders will get insight into the operating principle and the variety of integration possibilities of OEM weighing technology. WIPOTEC is your ticket for vibration-loaded environments and customer-specific solutions!

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OEM Weighing Technology: The perfect solution

WIPOTEC Weighing Technology application illustrations

Even more flexible: The Modular Multilane System MMS2

WIPOTEC Technical Service: There for you around the clock

Longevity and its foundation: After-sale service for machines that have been in use for decades.

WIPOTEC machines run for decades. For Mathias Lindner, who is in charge of technical service at WIPOTEC, the reasons are obvious: The unusually high level of in-house production guarantees high quality in all components and a sophisticated obsolescence management ensures the long life cycles of the machines. In addition, we provide 24/7 worldwide customer service. In the video, Mathias Linder further presents the first WIPOTEC system with predictive maintenance. The new warehouse scale uses real-time handling of process and machine data for a need-driven maintenance.

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