Durable! Effective weighing technology for construction material and mineral industry

The reliable heavy-duty checkweighers and catchweighers from WIPOTEC-OCS accurately check your products for the correct weight. Large packs and containers are also weighed – at consistent high-belt speeds. Our high-tech weighing technology allows you to undertake up to 100 weighing operations per minute even in heavy-duty operation. The modular machines are easy to integrate into your production and packaging lines and provide complete documentation of your production data for optimal quality control.

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  • Reliable dynamic weighing of large, heavy products
  • High throughputs
  • Flexible integration in existing production lines
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Checkweighers from WIPOTEC-OCS: Always the correct weight!


Sacks of cement and buckets of paint are also subject to the pre-package directive. According to this regulation the weight filled must be within close limits of the nominal weight. Compliance with this directive offers beneficial rewards including customer satisfaction and sustained profitability by avoiding excessive overfill.

Our checkweighers provide continuous, precise measurement and documentation of your completely packaged products. Packages with a filling quantity that is above or below the stipulated limits are removed from the product flow by various sorting functions. For complete line optimisation, our feedback control feature improves line efficiency. Products are also weighed accurately in testing working environments using Active Vibration Compensation (AVC). AVC filters all shocks and vibrations to provide 100% accurate results.

Heavy-duty weighers for large calibre

Our robust heavy-duty checkweighers from WIPOTEC-OCS can also cope with high weights. Depending on needs, the gross weighing range is up to 120 kg (optionally: 150 kg). Large belt widths of up to 700 mm, as well as individual operating heights ensure the safe transport of sacks, boxes and buckets. The maintenance-free drive motors transport your products through the weighing process. The appropriate sorting device removes even the heaviest of products, with the incorrect weight, from the product flow Our fully automatic heavy-duty weighers offer throughputs of up to 100 pieces per minutes with measurements to the gram.

The right combination

Irrespective of whether the product is wall paint or bulk material such as cement or filler, the exact combination must be correct. Our weighing technology is easy to use as a batch weighing system. The correct mixture of several components is easy to check using the reliable scales at the individual filling stations. All of these machines are equipped with the right degree of protection, to avoid unwanted damage, and are easy to clean.

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Flexible integration into your production line

Our modular weighing solutions integrate perfectly into your existing production line whilst meeting your specific requirements. Our sales and project teams support you during the configuration of the solution according to your individual requirements and ensure quick and efficient installation.

Unser Team unterstützt Sie bei der Aufstellung und Integration der Maschinen in Ihre Produktionsstraße und begleitet die Synchronisation zu übergeordneten Systemen kompetent und zuverlässig. WIPOTEC-OCS ist nach ISO 9001 zertifiziert und auch berechtigt, die Konformitätsbewertung nach Modul D der „Measuring Instruments Directive" (MID) gemäß Richtlinie 2014/32/EU selbst durchzuführen (ehemals Herstellereichung).

High degree of user-friendliness and comprehensive analyses

The intuitive touch screen user-interface is easy to use in order to minimise mistakes during production. Moreover, changeover times are significantly reduced; new production orders can be swiftly initiated. The relevant production data such as weight, quantity and ejected products are completely acquired and can be displayed in a clear manner.

A main factor in increasing production efficiency is a regular and exact analysis of relevant data. Our optional ComScale4 software is a web-based, network-enabled software for the capture and analysis of production data. It connects any number of checkweighers, across different sites, with other inspection machines (X-ray scanner, metal detectors). Due to its web based architecture Comscale4 can be used from a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can also amend parameters such as changing the product, given corresponding permissions. The relevant data is structured and displayed directly on the machines via the standard interfaces, as well as via the network.

You can evaluate the data using the statistics functions, prepare graphs and inform your partners and colleagues using statistics saved in standard file formats., Therefore, there is always complete transparency in your production.

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