White paper: Aggregation in Pharma - The future-proof solution

How well are pharmaceutical companies prepared for globalisation? How will drug supply chain change within the next years? What mechanisms are going to stop drug counterfeiters in the future?

Aggregation stands for a technology leap in the healthcare supply chain that can take a dimension similar to a blockchain in the financial industry.

The white paper answers the questions of tomorrow and provides information on a future-oriented solution: aggregation. It illustrates the basic principles of the new technology and explains how drug manufacturers can fully track their products according to the "parent-child principle". Furthermore, the paper provides an insight into the process optimisation along the supply chain using the aggregation approach.

The white paper discloses aggregation regulations in 9 countries, including Russia and India. Readers will find the most important global milestones illustrated in a graphical timeline.

Aggregation in Pharma: The future-proof solution

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